Concord Comets was founded in 2013 by Head Coach Jaime Allison with a vision to impact the lives of our youth who have a passion for basketball.  

The Comets participate in a variety of games and tournaments throughout the calendar year with the end of the season marked by a trip to Nationals in Myrtle Beach. These experiences provide the team with much opportunity to grow, have fun, and most importantly the chance to participate in a structured setting that promotes sportsmanship and teamwork.
Coach Jaime Allison – Founder/CEO and a Head Coach.

Jaime & Jenn
Jaime has been playing basketball for as long as she can remember.  Her passion for the game is like no other. She is honored to have the opportunity to teach young athletes how to achieve excellence on and off the court by fostering good character, positive sportsmanship, discipline, and gutsy heart!

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